December 04, 2018 1 min read

Founder Angela Monter created to give gently used and new authentic designer handbags and accessories a second life on her quest to help women around the world look like a million without having a million. Growing up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side since the age of 4, Angela developed a deep love and keen eye for fashion. She recognized during her formative years that designer handbags were a staple among the successful, confident, fashion-forward women of New York. Whether Gucci, Chanel, Versace or Prada, every well-dressed lady seemed to have a designer handbag hanging from her arm. But for Angela, raised by middle-class Eastern European immigrants, luxury shopping in the fashion capital of the world was simply not an option. That is, until high-end thrift stores began to pop up throughout the city and a new world opened up to Angela and countless other shoppers on a budget.

What used to be illusive was now possible. Angela’s first consignment purchase was a red leather and suede Gucci purse that she wore every day for years. Since then, she has been hooked on the idea that every woman should have a chance to feel confident, sophisticated and beautiful.

Currently a wife and mom living in the suburbs of New Jersey, Angela travels back to the city regularly for inspiration. Her goal is to open the doors of authentic secondhand luxury to women across the country and the world. From discovering a new sense of style or rejuvenated self-confidence to taking pride in committing to a more sustainable planet, the opportunities for shoppers are endless.