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Please include photos of any paperwork, documentation, or receipts to confirm authenticity.

We only consider merchandise in new, like new and in excellent condition.

Handbag photo requirements: Exterior – front, back, bottom, sides and corners and any signs of wear or defects. Interior – lining, inside pockets, hologram number, stamps, labels, and any signs of wear or defects.

Jewelry photo requirements: Front, back, date stamp and images of wear or tarnishing.

Shoe photo requirements: Front, back, sides, and insoles, top and size, tag and/or stamp images.

Accessory photo requirements: Front, back, tag, and size images.

Included*:Photos (3 required) - JPG, GIF, and PNG formats accepted. No larger than 4MB each.I've read, understand and accept theconsignment agreement[recaptcha]